So there you have it. The real, the raw, the nitty-gritty stuff. It’s life. We celebrate and we grieve. The greatest thing of all is that we can do both simultaneously when we know Jesus. He is the not only the one who walks on the water, but who makes a way for us through the white caps on rushing rivers of turbulent times.

Thanks for listening. I am praying for you.

In Judges 4 it talks about the Palm Tree of Deborah, and in Judges 5:7 NIV after all her adversities it says, “Deborah, arose…”

Now, will you allow me to help you arise and tell your legacy of faith?


If you allow me the privilege of coaching you on this writing journey, I feel it only fair that I share not only the fun facts but also the tough stuff about my life. Most books are made of both. Most lives are made of both. I will be completely honest with you during our coaching calls, and I expect the same from you in order to be the best coach for you I can be.
So now I will reveal a bit of my honest soul suffering to you. Perhaps this is where we meet? Suffering is not for nothing. It is where we meet God. This is not a self-pity party here, this is just me being vulnerable with you, because it’s what I expect from you. Coaching is connection.
I have experienced miscarriage, the death of my youngest sister to suicide, the death of another sister to cancer, death of yet another sister from a broken heart. My father passed away from a stroke, but I must say he lived a good, long life of 91 years. I lost a niece at a young age. I have lost really, really good friends and neighbors. My custom built home of only five years burned to the ground and we lost almost everything. Currently, my husband is healing from aggressive bladder cancer. Healing is the word I concentrate on.