When Jesus Flipped My Tables Book Cover

Dr. Kristin Jacobsen

When Jesus Flipped My Tables

When Jesus Flipped My Tables is a raw, inspiring chronicle of faith, surrender, and redemption. This book unveils the tumultuous moment when Kristin’s life, once a pursuit of a quintessential dream marked by a white picket fence, is turned upside down by a divine intervention that risked everything she held dear—her family, her stability, and most harrowingly, the safety of her daughter.

Often the darkest of challenges reveal the brightest beacons of hope. Dr. Kristin Jacobsen writes more than a memoir. This book is a testament to the unfailing love of God, the truth of His Word and His ways, and the miraculous potential for renewal in each of our lives. Join Kristin on this unforgettable rollercoaster ride filled with twists and turns that only God could have orchestrated.

Dr. Kristin Jacobsen has been a dedicated chiropractor and clinical nutritionist in Niagara Falls, NY with over 20 years of experience, integrating her work with her spiritual ministry. As a devoted mother, as well as an outdoor enthusiast and avid athlete, her life is a tapestry of familial joy and physical wellness. Driven by her faith, Kristin passionately shares her insights, guiding others to find hope and resilience in challenging times.

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They Were Like Us... Women of the Bible

Susan Peaslee

They Were Like Us… Women of the Bible
Many times we read the Bible and the people in it appear as just characters in a story, however they were real, living, human beings. They had families, feelings, faced disappointments and failures. Just like us they were not sinless and many did not possess the faith to move mountains – but they knew who they believed in.
This book gives 12 women a voice that is uniquely their own. Each woman   shares her story,  struggles and victories as women. While each story comes straight from the Bible, this is a work of fiction, mixed with the realities of life that we women face every day.
My prayer is we will learn from and relate to each one’s person a l struggle or trial and overcome as they did.
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The Messy Life by Rachel Bane

Rachel Bane

The Messy Life: Believing Life Can Be Good

Do you want to dream again? Do you want to be able to trust again? Are you afraid to love again? Does trauma still impact your life? There is hope! Life can still be good, even after tragedy. The Messy Life reminds us that healing is not linear, and all hope is not lost. Begin your journey to a good life today. You are worthy of the journey.

Rachel Bane is the President and Founder of Wildly Becoming, Sunshine & Clover Face Painting, and Sunshine Book Club. Her love for Jesus is what keeps her moving forward. She is an author, speaker, counselor, teacher, and podcast host. She empowers and equips individuals to study God’s word and apply it to their lives.

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Becoming God's Warrior

Sarah Gove

Becoming God’s Warrior: To Equip and Empower Women with the Sword of the Spirit; a visual devotional

Becoming God’s Warrior is illustrated with Gove’s beautiful photography of nature scenes and landmarks in New England, Atlantic Canada and beyond. The color photos accompany Bible passages and Gove’s devotional reflections on each scripture to encourage and empower women to draw closer to Jesus.

How do you apply the Sword of the Spirit in your life? This visual devotional will equip and empower you with the Sword of the Spirit. Word of Life. Word of Truth. The Gospel of Christ. Promises. There are many names for the Bible. While some sound pleasant and inviting, the Sword of the Spirit is a phrase that perhaps best illustrates the impact God seeks for the Bible to have on your life.

The Bible is living and powerful. Its truths are convicting to expose what sin is there and to renew your heart. Renewal and healing happen when you push aside your own desires, demons, addictions, grudges, and false idols and allow God’s Word to take root in your heart. This visual devotional aims to plant the Word of God deeper inside you and let His promises begin to change your heart, mind, and soul. Through Scriptures that focus on being the light, fearing nothing and combating evil, this visual devotional will challenge you as you become God’s warrior.


The Father I Thought I Never Had

Marta Holden

“The Father I Thought I Never Had” is my testimony, because early on and for many years, I felt something important was missing in my life, a father who would love and protect me. I didn’t know that that kind of father but as I journeyed through life, I was shown through different experiences that I actually did have a Father like that! In fact, I had a perfect Father, one in heaven who was with me every step of the way. The truth is that throughout my life, Jesus has never left my side. He is my heavenly Father! That’s essentially what my book is about.

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The Other Side Books

Beth Gully – Artist, Author and Speaker

Beth Gully is the author and illustrator of two upside-down books, “The Other Side of Christmas,” and “The Other Side of Easter.” Collectively, her books have received 18 regional, national and international awards including the Seal of Approval from the Catholic Writers Guild.
She is one of 94 professionally-recognized ambigram designers in the world. Ambigams are images that can be rotated or inverted to create an aha experience. Beth’s ability to create ambigrams grew from her strength in logo design, where every line and shape carries meaning. She graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BA in Visual Communication Design, and throughout her graphic design career she has created more than 350 logos, including a logo commissioned for a Hallmark Christmas Movie. Beth resides in historic Lebanon with her husband, Dave and their Chihuahua terrier, Javier.
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God's Love for You

Carolyn B. Daley

God’s Love for You
A Pictorial Devotional

God’s Love for You combines Bible verses with 100 photographs to foster your spiritual growth and enhance your deeper understanding of scripture.

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Freedom A-Z

Mary Johnson Miller

Freedom A to Z: 26 Devotionals That Help You Reclaim Your Life

If you feel like your life has a life of its own and it’s holding you hostage you need this book! It’s devotionals help you uncover the areas in your life where you are stuck. They provide biblical truth and insight to set you free. Let this book lead you to a break through so you can experience the freedom God has for you. The only thing you need to do is start.

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Cutie's Purpose

Tasha Lee Passmore

Hooves and Hives Homestead, Featuring: Cutie’s Purpose available on

When Charlie Feels Afraid

Brenda Sue Bynum

Howdy! Charlie, here. Meet my new book WHEN CHARLIE FEELS AFRAID. A childrens book.

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