In high school I won State in high jump and it wasn’t even my sport. The gal that had trained all year was sick; they put me in as her replacement and I hurdled the 4’7″ bar, not knowing how to roll over a bar! My long legs came in handy that day, and I came home with a gold trophy in a sport I had never tried or even trained for! (FYI: That’s encouragement for beginning writers!)

I had a double wedding! Yes, that is correct. I became the bride of Christ the day I asked our Pastor to marry my husband of now 34 years. I have two adult children that I am so proud of and love so much! We also have three grandbabies and one on the way! Those sweet babies are the loves of my life!

The biggest fish I ever caught was a 185-pound tuna off the coast of Hawaii. That is no fisherwoman’s tall tale! My earthly father was an avid fisherman, so I grew up fishing. My Heavenly Father has given me the calling of helping women fish for souls through their words. This is why I love fishing, both physically and spiritually.

My name, Deborah, is found in the book of Judges. The Deborah in the Bible sat under a palm tree and helped people with their problems. That’s called life coaching! I love helping women writers get their stories from their heart to their computer to the pages of a book, without confusion, but with a clear plan to engage and impact their readers.

My gifts are teaching, leadership, and wisdom. I love coaching writers because I can use my insight, discernment, and 25 plus years of experience to bring you from frustrated to the finish line. My coaching will help you write your story with a unique twist that is all your own.

I was born on Easter Sunday! Death, burial, and resurrection are foundational to my coaching. To find out what that means to you and the writing of your book, you will have to embark on that journey with me. The difference between a best seller and one that sits on a shelf collecting dust is how your story impacts the hearts of your readers. My coaching will bring inspiration to the writing process that seems dead—even buried in frustration or an overwhelming task at hand, to life springing off the pages of your book that will have an eternal impact on your readers all for the glory of God!

I care about your calling and desire to help you connect the dots to make it happen! Why?  I believe that some day Bibles will be scarce. I believe women are searching for their voices to be heard in a noisy world, and many are saying, “Here am I. Send me!” Our governments cannot heal broken hearts but the Lord has called His people to do it. We are the anointed women of God, with a purpose and a calling. Our words may be the ones that give life to the thirsty, or be someone’s bible of survival if we will only step up, arise, and shine! You CAN jump this hurdle as the bride of Christ, and fish for souls using your words combined with His Words, the Living Water. Will you join me?

“Oh yes, Judgement Day is coming!” These are the words of my Master God. “I’ll send a famine through the whole country. It won’t be food or water that’s lacking, but my Word.”

Amos 8:11 The Message



Sarah Gove is the founder of Warrior Women Stand Ministry, LLC. A ministry with Jesus Christ as the cornerstone and a focus on becoming godly warrior women, whose heart, mind, and soul are set on Christ in all we do and say. Sarah is the Virtual Director to Deborah Lovett’s Coaching Program. She is author of Becoming God’s Warrior – a visual devotional to equip and empower women with the sword of the spirit. Becoming God’s Warrior is illustrated with Sarah’s beautiful photography of nature scenes and landmarks in New England, Atlantic Canada and beyond. The color photos accompany Bible passages and her devotional reflections on each scripture to encourage and empower women to draw closer to Jesus.

Sarah lives in a small town in Maine with her husband, two lovely children and a rambunctious American Staffordshire Terrier. As a Mainer, Sarah always enjoys hiking, biking and many other activities outdoors. Her love for the mountains and the ocean – God’s beauty, is never ending. Growing up in a small town, Sarah enjoyed having her mother as her Sunday School teacher at the little local church. This set her on the right path to grow in relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. Some of her fondest Sunday School memories are reenacting out bible stories, such as Noah’s ark with felt characters and a felt board, as well as memorizing bible verses like Psalm 23. Visit to learn more.


Deidra Drake is a graphic and web designer from Dayton, Ohio. She graduated from the Modern College of Design in 2018 with an Associates degree in Applied Business in Design. Since graduating, she has worked as a designer in the health industry, specifically focused on independent living for senior citizens. She finds joy in working in an industry where her designing can enhace the quality of people’s lives. On top of her day job, she also spends a lot of her time working on freelance projects. Some of these projects include brand identity and website creation from your local nail salon to successful YouTubers accross the country. Her skillset ranges in brand identity and development, logo creation, website design, managing and creating social media content, merchandise design, murals, designing for print application, web banners, PowerPoint presentations and everything in between.

Aside from designing and creating, Deidra spends most of her time building cars with her husband. She travels to car shows accross the country and recently involved herself in the motorsport of drifting. Her favorite part of this hobby is meeting new people and making lifelong friendships with them.

Deidra would love to help you with all of your design needs. Whether it is jumpstarting your new business with fresh branding or creating a website for your blog, she has you covered! Email Deidra at for more information.


Suzanne earned three B.A.s in English, French, and Biology, and a M.A. in writing at Northern Michigan University. In 1993, her thesis, Moving in Quiet Desperation, was published, and out of this collection of short stories, The Onion, was published in Bone and Flesh literary magazine in 1994.

Suzanne has worked as a technical writer and system analyst in computer software validation for over 24 years. Additionally, she has edited over 22 trade books and has substantial experience as a Grant Proposal Writer. In the academic arena, Suzanne has worked as an Assistant Director in International Studies, facilitating study abroad programs for students traveling abroad as well as hosting international students. Suzanne has lived abroad in France, and so understands well the challenges of navigating another language. Suzanne’s passion is writing, editing, and weaving words into a professional tapestry to capture the author’s intent and bring glory to God.

Suzanne has two grown children, four grandchildren, and lives in southwest Michigan. In addition to her passion for her family and books, Suzanne enjoys the outdoors and gardening.

Email Suzanne at for more information.