Women of the Well Ministry

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List of Current Topics for Deborah Lovett


This is a three-part conference in which the goal is to help women to connect with Christ during difficult circumstances until victory is achieved, therefore, going from glory to glory!  Isaiah  60:1 is our cornerstone verse. “Arise, shine, for your light has come and the glory of the Lord shines upon you.”

Using the acronym ARISE, I tell stories from my own life that vividly portray parables that connect the dots to Scripture.  I show the video of my home burning to the ground, and also bring along the Bible and pewter plate that survived the fire to show to the women. This is a POWERFUL testimony to God’s glory that encourages women to see that they too can arise and shine through the testimony God has given them.

A-Acknowledge and Agree

R-Remember His Faithfulness

I-Identity your Weaknesses

S-Seek Him, Speak Up, and Stand Firm

E-Encourage One Another

The Woman at the Well-Becoming a Woman of Connection

This can be done in a one, two or three part conference depending on how you want your event to flow. I take John Chapter Four verse by verse and bring it alive! Many women do not understand what the “Word is alive and active” means. This will be a transformational revelation for them when they see, hear and understand that they are the woman in the story.

I address seven points in the two or three-part conference.

1. Address your Availability.

2. Address a Common Ground.

3. Address God’s vision.

4. Address the Heart issue.

5. Address the Belief issue.

6. Address the Finish line.

7. Address the Overflow.


This is a one-part session.  This is my newest talk. I will teach your ladies the basic combat skills to battling the enemy through prayer. I use a white board and lots of scripture to show them how to come up with a battle plan for a specific trial or hardship they or someone they know is dealing with. This is a very interactive session. Bibles are needed. Women will be asked to participate. It is essential that the women get into groups to pray or that I pray for groups of women afterwards.

(IF you really like this direction but want more sessions, I can write two more sessions compatible with this for your women.)


One other option is to have a “smorgasbord” for your women. I can boil down each conference into the highlights/best of the best—and do a three-part conference using the fire from the first conference, the water from the second, and the battle of prayer, which is the newest session.  They go together quite well as you can imagine. This offers lots of variety in topic, video, props, and interaction. However, it is not the same theme all the way through. You know your women and what they respond to. But I would pray about this—“getting out of the box” conference!

Thank you. I look forward to answering any questions you have, and ministering to your women helping them to “grow” in God’s Word!